Our Ethos

L!VE espouses to a way of being that is liberating, freeing individuals to love themselves and explore the possibilities of selfness, which lead to a healthy presence to the communal, and ultimately, towards their own transformation. To that end, we value these things:

The Cafe:

  • Excellence in all that we offer in products, events, and services
  • An aesthetic that exudes a global, local, and social consciousness
  • A comfortable, convenient, relaxing, and inspiring environment, complete with superb customer service
  • Multiple revenue streams to support sustainability
  • A kinetic digital presence, complete with an online community and online sales capability

The Events:

There are no experts.

  • L!VE celebrates that while we are learned, knowledgeable, trained, and discerning, and while we value education and expertise, we do not have to be “experts” in order to explore our interests and the purpose of our lives. We will open ourselves up to trying new things, as well as rediscovering passions that we used to have that may have gotten lost along the way.

We think about what we think about.

  • L!VE values the metacognitive. That is to say that we are intentional about the excavation and naming of thinking about what we think, feel, and/or experience, individually and collectively, in an effort to unearth both what is wonderful about ourselves and each other, as well as what is “under construction” in ourselves. We also lend ourselves to each other’s excavations as a support for the journey. As such, we also consider the processes we employ as we employ them, up to and including, the social innovations of how we have constructed this very company.

We are led by Christians, and because we are, we are inclusive.

  • L!VE is a faith-filled entity, which means that we welcome people of all walks of life to engage in L!VE events and experiences. Our commitment is to be hands and feet committed to grace, love, mercy, and justice. Our hope is that living out our faith will create organic opportunities to tell of our faith journey , that we all might experience love more directly.

We are on an individual and communal journey together.

  • L!VE is individual and communal. We hold both a healthy sense of individual identity and communal connectivity in high regard. We share in the work of creating a sense of high identity as a person, as well as underscoring the values inherent in being a part of something larger than just our own selves. L!VE celebrates the infusion of what both the individual and the communal have to offer our lives, rather than seeing the two as binary or competing.

We are committed to living out our faith more fully.

  • L!VE embodies calculated risk-taking (Faith!). The company challenges its affiliates and clientele to move beyond what is safe and comfortable to a life that stretches, teaches, develops, and inspires us to go deeper in who we are.


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